Hot! Vocational workshop to reduce unemployment in Kayonza District

Construction of the vocational workshop underway

Construction of the vocational workshop underway

Kayonza District is aiming at employing more residents after it started the construction project of workshop in Mukarange sector.

Local authorities in Kayonza district said the administration targets to hire up to 3500 people every year until the project completion.

According to Thierry Mugiraneza the Vice Mayor in charge of economic affairs in the district,

Building vocational workshop is under job creation program where all entrepreneurs that wish to promote the program will come together, create jobs and employ others.

“The modern workshop will promote job creation. Entrepreneurs will create employment and employ 3500 new people every year in Kamonyi district,” said the Vice mayor.

Eric Rutayisire, project manager told residents that construction activities have reached 32 percent

The construction is already offering jobs to over 200 residents even before workshop activities begin come the end of the project

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