Hot! Rwanda to promote employment in the next 5 years

The government of Rwanda plans on promoting the Mulberry plant farming the only plant that feeds silkworms on the 10 000 hectares of land.

This farming will provide employment opportunities to 160 Rwandans in the period of 5 years as Potien Nemeye the director of sericulture center explains.



Mulberry plant farming if done as expected will increase the country’s economy with about $600 million. The government of Rwanda intends to grow mulberry plant on 5000 hectares all over the country in the next 3 years; this will encourage investors to build factories that make silk.


Nemeye Potien says sericulture can be done as additional work for more money and any person ready can do the farming. “One hectare planted with mulberry and given much attention can have produce worth Rwf1.3 million annually.”

The mulberry plant

The mulberry plant

Since rearing of silkworms requires a barn, the government of Rwanda is ready to support any person who is ready to farm Mulberry plants with seeds to plant and building for them the house to do silkworm rearing.

Mulberry growing and silkworm farming is not new in Rwanda, some people who did this farming made a lot of profits and some of the cooperatives failed miserably to promote this farming.

If mulberry and silkworm farming is encouraged and more people participate in it, it will promote the exports of Rwanda after coffee and tea.


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